Our Pet Policy

We welcome small dogs (up to 10kg) at The Nadler Covent Garden, in accordance with our policies and guidelines below.

If you would like to book a stay and bring your pet, you must contact the hotel before booking at coventgarden.reception@nadlerhotels.com to ensure one of the limited number of pet-friendly rooms is available.

- Dogs up to 10kg are permitted for a charge of £50 per night.

- A pre-authorisation deposit of £200 is required at check-in and will be released at departure, after the guest room has been inspected.

- Owners / guests must advise the hotel in advance of arrival if they wish to bring a pet.

- The breed and weight of the pet must be advised in advance.

- For pets weighing more than 10kg, admission will be at the discretion of the hotel General Manager.

- Guests are permitted only to have one pet in any room or suite at any given time.

- Any stains or damages must be paid for according to the cost of replacement or repair.

- Owners / guests are asked to control any noise made by their pet to ensure it does not disturb other guests.

- The pet cannot be left alone in any room or suite at any time.

- Staff are not permitted to care for the pet (eg. feeding or walking)

- The pet must be kept on a leash when in public areas.

- Guests are asked to pick up any deposits left by the pet immediately.

- Pets must be well trained.

- Pets are never allowed on beds or furniture and must only use the pet bed provided.

- Pet foods can be purchased by the hotel team on request for an additional fee if requested in advance.

- The hotel reserves the right to review our accommodation commitment if operational issues occur.