Our Breakfast Service

Breakfast at The Nadler Soho is provided by our wonderful local partner, Le Pain Quotidien.

It is prepared with love, fresh every day and is delivered to you in your room in neat take-away bags. You can enjoy it in the comfort of your room, using the crockery and cutlery provided, and accompanied with a freshly made cup of tea or coffee using the Nespresso coffee machine in your in-room mini kitchen. Or, it's perfect to take with you, if you prefer to have it 'on-the-go'.

Breakfast at The Nadler Soho is available from 7:40am Monday to Friday, from 8:40am on Saturdays, and from 9:10am on Sundays and Bank Holidays.

Please simply complete and hand your breakfast form to reception by 21:00, for delivery the following morning.

The Nadler Soho Breakfast

The Nadler Soho Breakfast Menu

Croissant - £2.50
(Allergen: gluten, milk, egg)
Almond Croissant - £2.50
(Allergen: gluten, milk, egg, sesame, nuts)
Pain au Chocolat - £2.50
(Allergen: gluten, milk, egg)
Raisin Danish - £2.50
(Allergen: gluten, milk, egg)
Chocolate Swirl - £2.50
(Allergen: gluten, milk, egg, sesame)
Blueberry Muffin - £3.00
(Allergen: gluten, soya)
Chocolate Banana Muffin - £3.00
(Allergen: gluten, soya)
Brownie - £3.90
(Allergen: milk, eggs)
Pecan Swirl - £2.50
(Allergen: gluten, milk, egg, sesame, nuts)
Quinoa Scone - £3.90
(Allergen: gluten, milk, egg, sesame)


Wiltshere Ham and Gruyere Baguette - £5.50
Served in a white organic baguette bread with wholegrain mustard dressing
(Allergen: gluten, milk, mustard)
Smoked Atlantic Salmon and Ricotta Baguette - £5.50
Served in a five-grain organic baguette bread with spring onion and dill
(Allergen: gluten, milk, fish, sesame, nuts)


Yoghurt with Berry Compote - £3.00
(Allergen: milk)
Yoghurt pot with nuts - £3.00
(Allergen: milk, nuts)
Fruit Salad pot - £3.50
With melon, pineapple, mango, grape and berries
Chia Seed Vanilla and Rasberry Compote Pudding - £5.00
With coconut milk, rasberry compote and super seeds


Porridge - £6.00
(Allergen: milk)
+ Banana - £0.50
+ Honey - £0.50
+ Berry compote - £0.50


One a Day Green Juice - £3.90
With swiss chard, celery, apple
(Allergin: celery, celeriac)
Immune Boost - £3.90
With carrot, apple, ginger and honey
Orange Juice - £3.50

In keeping with our ethos of transparency, there is no mark up on any of our breakfast items. You will be charged just £1 for delivery, plus the cost of the items and VAT.

Food Allergy Notice: Whilst we do our best to reduce the risk of allergen cross-contamination, we cannot guarantee that any of our freshly prepared dishes are completely free from allergens due to our restaurant partner's open environment and processes. Therefore we cannot accept any liability in this respect.