We shop, pickup and drop whatever you need, on-demand

Quiqup is an online delivery service, designed to save you precious time by delivering anything and everything, from new clothes, flowers, stationary and perfume, to food and alcohol, direct into your hands.

Deliveries cost from £4.50, according to distance travelled, and any purchases are charged at the venue receipt rate, plus a 9% service charge.

You can tell Quiqup exactly where to pick up, or purchase from, or you can shop from one of the 400+ partners they're already working with in your area.

If for example you've left your briefcase at the office and need it bringing to the hotel, or you need a new outfit to wear that evening, but don't have the time to go out shopping, it's a fast and convenient solution that helps save you time and hassle.

Payments are secure and are made within the app, via Apple Pay or the debit or credit card stored as part of your account, and you can track every stage of your delivery's progress online.

For more information visit https://quiqup.com/

Follow the links below to download Quiqup on Apple or Android: